Thursday, August 20, 2015

Countdown to the seminar

Thursday August 20, 2015

It is our last day  of practicing for our big seminar tomorrow! The other students who are staying at our host family's house informed us that all the volunteers for Vive Peru get off from work tomorrow to attend the presentations, which is adding to the nerves a little bit. :-) There are over 100 people signed up for the "pre-registration" so there will potentially be a big crowd!

We got a bit spoiled for breakfast this morning. We had cheese (!), fried plantains (that tasted just like banana chips), eggs, bread, coffee and a tart juice.

It was another productive morning at the office. Below are a few pictures of the office itself. Rachel (who started Vive Peru) runs the organization out of the downstairs of her home.


We continued to work on our scripts for the seminar with the interpretor and packed the folders for the attendees. They get copies of each of our powerpoints so they can follow along and take notes. 

Lunch was a vegetable noodle soup and a cabbage-vegetable-beef mix served with rice.

We headed back to the high school to give two more presentations. The students were younger today and one class was very willing to participate, while the other was more reserved. Overall, they went well and we are having more fun as we get more comfortable with the material.


We celebrated another successful work day and presentations with ice cream (note from the last post that I've been really missing sweets in my diet) from a small shop called Aldodiego & Co. They had a variety of savory and sweet flavors. We enjoyed chocolate fudge brownie (with a touch of saltiness) and coco tostado (we're still not entirely sure what this flavor is to be honest). It was a nice treat before dinner, and we enjoyed it with our friend Katy!

Dinner was a beef and broccoli mix with rice. We had apples, bananas and mandarin oranges with evaporated milk for (second) dessert.

Tomorrow is the big seminar day so we are practicing scripts and getting to bed early! It is supposed to start at 9am, but Peruvian culture tends to run at it's own pace so we're expecting it to be closer to 10am. Wish us luck!

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  1. Molly, are these schools public, or private? I noticed the kids are wearing what look like Catholic school uniforms.