Wednesday, August 19, 2015

First day at Vive Peru!

Tuesday August 18, 2015

First, I forgot to post pictures of the house we are staying at! It is built with rooms to rent on the top of the family's home. We are split between two rooms and share a bathroom upstairs. The family owns a parrot that is particularly vocal in the morning, a Peruvian alarm clock of sorts.


We had a breakfast of hard boiled eggs, bread, and a quinoa-cinnamon drink

We had a busy day at the Vive Peru office! We received our Spanish scripts for the day-long seminar we are giving on Friday for professionals. We prepared the presentations this summer and sent them to Vive Peru to translate them for us. Some of our Spanish (ahem, mine) is a bit rusty so it was several hours of pronunciation practice. We took a lunch break and had salad, rice, vegetables and fish at home. Mercy also made us bananas with yogurt.

Following lunch, we hailed a cab to the Apiat, a bazaar closer to the city center. It had an incredible number of shoe stores in it, as well as souvenir shops.  We wandered through the adjacent streets and checked out vendors selling any and everything you could need ranging from cupcakes to underwear! We visited the small Parque de Flores and Parque de Fatima (the Virgin Fatima is who our neighborhood is named after.) Kelli is in hot pursuit of finishing her VW rainbow collection, it adds excitement to our walking commutes. You can look forward to a rather colorful post when it's done!

We headed back to the Vive Peru office from 4-6pm to work on our script and finish up the materials for the school presentations. We will be presenting for two classes tomorrow afternoon, one third grade and one fourth. We are excited to get started and hopefully these first schools run smoothly.


Mercy made another wonderful meal: fried eggs with sausage and spinach and a vegetable stew. The nights are quite chilly so stew and after-dinner tea hit the spot. Rachel noted that the dinner conversation was easier to follow this evening; either it was because Mercy's older son ate with us and asked easier questions or our Spanish crash course today is already paying off 😊

Wifi troubles again, so I apologize that these are consistently being posted a day late. I'll try to be better about it!

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