Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Grand Finale

Thursday August 27, 2015

Today is our final day with Vive Peru and in Trujillo!

Merci went all out at breakfast and made chicken sandwiches, fried plantains, quinoa soup and eggs. Served of course with bread, jelly/butter and coffee.

We completed a record four classrooms this morning at the high school. These students were a little bit younger (maybe 5th grade age) and were enthusiastic about participating. In total we gave out over 300 pairs of earplugs and educated 13 classes about audiology, basic physics of sound, anatomy and conservation. 



For lunch, we had salad and a chicken stew with rice.

After lunch we headed to El Centro del Adulto Mayor, a community center near the Plaza de Armas. We presented an abbreviated version of the audiology seminar to approximately 50 senior citizens. We talked generally about audiology, then diagnostics, ear health care, tinnitus and communication strategies. The audience was very eager to ask questions, and was grateful that we came to speak to them.

With that presentation, we are finished with our work with Vive Peru. It's been a great two weeks teaching and learning from the people of Trujillo. We want to thank Rachel, the Vive Peru Staff (especially Claudia, Claudette and Diego) for their patience with our Spanish skills and for welcoming us with open arms. We can't wait to come back next year and watch this trip continue to grow!

Merci made lomo saltado (beef and veggies) for dinner and Pacho cut up fruit with honey for dessert. It has been a wonderful experience staying with such a caring and happy host family. We were so fortunate that they opened up their home to us.

We got packed up and MC and I built a water bottle tour with all the bottles we've been stashing in our bedrooms over the past two weeks. We are boarding a nine hour bus ride at 10:30pm. Tomorrow we will be back in Lima to bid farewell to MC and then we're off to Cuzco!

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