Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Pisco Tastes Like Listerine

Tuesday August 25, 2015

We got back into Trujillo around 9am. Merci made us a lovely late breakfast of eggs, bread and fried plantains.

We unpacked, showered, ran, slept, etc until we headed back to the high school to give another presentation. Today went well, the students were engaged and happy to participate. Our presentation is starting to run like a well-oiled machine and it continues to be fun to educate the students.




After the school, we went over to the National University of Trujillo to admire the longest mosaic mural wall in the world! Erected in the 1980's to keep out thieves, the wall was covered in graffiti and political statements until 1992. At that time famous artist Rafael Hastings was hired and set out to cover the 3km wall with approximately 30 million (1cm x 1cm) tiles at a cost of roughly 2 million soles. Peruvian and Moche history is depicted throughout the mural.



We stopped in to get ice cream. After several samples we decided on cookies 'n cream, chocolate fudge brownie, green tea and coffee with almonds. All were delicious! :)

Merci's husband, Pacho, cooked us dinner tonight. We had a potato egg casserole, salted cucumbers, omelets and rice. For dessert, he served cut up fruit with pisco (a liquor) and honey drizzled over the top.

After several hours of working, I'm caught up on the blog so this one is going to actually be posted on the correct day! Thanks for everyone who's been following along and for your patience over the past weekend when wifi access was limited!
-To answer one question: the high school is public, but they do wear uniforms!

Tomorrow holds more high school presentations in the morning, then we are heading out into the community to work with a younger population. Hasta maƱana!

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